Our Products

Leverage the power of marketing automation by connecting your WordPress site to your CRM. WP Fusion includes integrations for dozens of popular plugins, to help you get the most out of your membership site, learning platform, or online store.

Fatal Error Notify alerts you when something breaks on your WordPress site, with helpful information to help you quickly diagnose errors and get your site back up and running.

Client Projects

We also develop white-label plugins for clients, either for internal use or commercial resale. Contact us to discuss your project.


Randomizes the content of selected page templates to make content look more organic. Also “spins” the randomization of the content at regular intervals to improve SEO.

LearnDash Runner

Creates a visual “runner” above a LearnDash course to show course progress, and creates a competition by enforcing a minimum lesson progression rate.

Patient Lookup

Medical industry plugin for looking up a patient record in Infusionsoft and editing personal details.

WP Slide Sync

Alows embedding dyanmic presentations in a page which synchronize a slideshow with a YouTube or Vimeo video.