The Team

Jack Arturo

Jack is a developer and designer with over ten years experience in the WordPress space. In 2015 he founded Very Good Plugins, with the goal of creating products that could be used by everyone. Originally from New York, Jack is a “digital nomad” and has spent the last several years exploring the globe. When he’s not traveling or hunched behind a screen writing code… he’ll probably be dead.


Stan Stempniewicz

Stan is a backend developer with a focus on working with APIs and mastering PHP, while keeping an eye on all aspects of WordPress. In his free time, Stan likes collecting and sharing GIFs, coming up with great ideas and being a digital nomad.

Fred Bliss

Fred currently doesn’t exist because he’s slow about telling people about himself. But he seems like a cool enough dude.

Natalie Herron

Natalie is the company intern. She came in with a background in CSS and HTML and is working to master PHP and gain experience with design and development in WordPress. Currently she is given grunt work and relegated to making Jack’s coffee every morning as well as feeding (read harassing) the business cat, Kitty Rick. By the end of the year she is hoping to have enough experience to overthrow Jack’s tyrannical rule and institute a law of peace over the land of plugins to, in fact, make them Very Good.